July 2: The global medical project of Meibo Medical!

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2020-07-02 All day

On July 2 (Thursday), Beijing time, from 15:30 to 17:00, the three heavy-duty projects of the European road cloud roadshow of the Meibo Medical Health Global Project will be on-site roadshows. The roadshow registration channel has been opened. Please scan the code to register. At the same time, the second session of the Chinese project will also be held in July.

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Project Title: Functional Healing Vaccine for Hepatitis B-Viravaxx is developing VVX001 as a therapeutic vaccine for chronic hepatitis B, aimed at achieving a functional cure. This product is different from other similar products in that the PreS1 component of the large surface antigen triggers the production of antibodies against the virus attachment site. It has been shown that antisera from immunized human subjects can prevent hepatitis B virus (neutralizing antibodies) from infecting cells.

Project Name: Bispecific Antibody Immunotherapy-Interceptinsrl is an immuno-oncology company located in Verona, Italy. The company is preparing to enter the clinical development stage of its main product INT001, which is a novel antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) that uses two antibodies combined with Pseudomonas exotoxin in a bispecific preparation. Chain recombinant antibody fragments.

Project name: New vaccine adjuvant platform technology-CyTuVax has developed and clinically tested the new vaccine adjuvant platform technology, which has been patented in the European Union, the United States (US10,639,367B2) and Canada. Adjuvant technology uses aggregated cytokines in the reservoir as adjuvants, which can be combined with any viral/bacterial antigen or mixed with existing vaccines.