September 3-September 4: Pharmaceutical R&D Innovation Forum

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2020-09-03 - 2020-09-04 All day
September 3-September 4
Location: Beijing

Mr. Kun Liu, Executive Vice President of New Leaders, will make a keynote speech on "Beyond Technology - Customer Communication and Service in R&D Companies". "Industrialization". Research work related to industrialization (including technology and registration) requires full communication and close cooperation between R&D units and pharmaceutical companies in order to achieve it.
In the collaboration process, a large part of what affects the progress and quality of project development is not the technical factor, but the communication factor. Efficient communication can greatly improve the project achievement and success rate. Under the new situation, establishing a strategic partnership is the safest and most effective way of cooperation between pharmaceutical companies and R&D units.
The speaker will share the above content based on our company's years of experience and the development of the industry.
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